Chimène Badi, an intimate concert

Villebon sur Yvette Saturday, November 16, 2019, twenty thirty hours at the Jacques Brel Cultural Center the room fills gently for intimate concert of Chimène Badi revealed to the general public eighteen years ago by the pop star tele-crochet. It is in total immersion alongside a small part of his fans in the front row that I attend the concert.

At first the artist is facing a shy audience but after about an hour ten of show the audience gets up and dance symbiosis with Chimene which leads us to an intimate concert. as the singer will say after the concert.

During the concert the singer remembers and evokes with emotion her early career paying homage to several artists who have marked her.And notably one of them with whom she will share the stage for her very first performance in public. 

The last song will remain the most friendly since Chimene joins the room and expressly asks the audience to lower their camera and phone to share this moment fully with her. Finally of spectacle she will entrust to her audience that she was touched to see very little telephone during the duration of her performance immortalizing the moment. However my duty is to remind you that it was announced before the beginning of the show that photos and videos were not allowed.

That evening, Chimène is particularly benevolent with a small touching and moving fan of 8 years already present the day before in the Parisian room of the Alhambra. Towards the end of the show the little girl in the front row holds out a drawing on which Chimene is depicted in stage dress. This moment will undoubtedly remain for the artist as for me one of the most moving moments of the evening. Chimène continues his tour and will spend March 14 at the casino in Paris.

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