Clotilde Seille, the French voice of La Passe-Miroir

Clotilde Seille is of French origin, but has lived in Montreal, Quebec for more than 30 years. After first studying comedy at the conservatory, she then turned to music. For 10 years, she has become a narrator.

Clotilde was chosen by Editions Gallimard to tell the inevitable saga written by Christelle Dabos, La Passe-Miroir. She told us that it was an extraordinary experience for her. When she talks to us about this “adventure”, because for her it is truly an adventure, we feel that she keeps unforgettable moments from this experience

Clotilde Seille did indeed grant us a few days ago a little of his time. We wanted to know how she had given such a life to each character in the story. Yet in four volumes, there are characters… Clotilde Seille says it herself, it is this diversity of characters through characters… , which makes it a big part of the strength of history.

What was essential for Clotilde Seille was that his listeners were not hanged in history. Clotilde Seille therefore worked for some characters on the timbre of their voice. The most difficult for her was the heroine: Ophélie, who is very young. We highly recommend you take the time to listen to her work.

The first three volumes of the story told by Clotilde Seille are available on CD and audiobook on Apple Books. Volume 4, he should be available in April 2020. While waiting for this volume 4, read by Clotilde Seille find from Friday the interview made for the radio of Dolce, in which Clotilde Seille reads us an excerpt of the story.

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