«Paprika» a comedy not to be missed!

With this funny piece that still deals with a serious subject Pierre Palmade pleasantly surprises. In fact, «Paprika», tells the story of Eva, a magazine leader in Pigalle, who 28 years ago abandoned a son. But that’s when the play begins his son Luc has found him and wants to get to know her. Faced with this reality, Eva does not assume at all what she is and pretends to be Paprika, Eva’s housekeeper. A whole chain of lies follows.

Sitting in the room, you don’t have time to get bored, totally captivated by the touching story and told with a touch of humour to spice things up, like a touch of Paprika.

Victoria Abril brilliantly embodies this Eva, alias Paprika. Jules Dousset is captivating in the role of the fireman who fascinates both the audience and the female characters in the play. Prisca Desmarez that we discovered in the musical «Cats» is a wonderful discovery in this register.Julien Cafaro interprets with lightness this concierge who wants to save appearances for Eva at all costs. Finally, Jean-Baptiste Maunier finds with pleasure the theatrical scene far from the universe of the psychological triller of the play in which he had previously played.

Not to be missed! It’s until April 21 at the Théâtre de la Madeleine in Paris from Tuesday to Saturday at 9 pm and in the morning on Saturday at 4:30 pm. Not in Paris? Don’t panic the play will be broadcast on Tuesday 3 April on France 2 live in prime-time.

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