Public transport at the heart of Lyon’s urban development project

Inaugurated on May 2, 1978, by the then President of the Republic Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, the Lyon metro celebrated its fortieth anniversary this year. Since its creation, it has continued to expand in order to meet the mobility challenges of tomorrow in the heart of the metropolis.What is its future?

First of all, let us put this project in its context: the SYTRAL which manages the TCL network(1) notes an increase in the number of visitors to its network since 2010. This increase is 27% on the entire network, 20% of which on the only metro network. This increase in attendance is undoubtedly linked to the economic growth of the Lyon metropolitan area and mainly to the development of the business district of Part-Dieu, and the development of the «Confluence» sector (so called because it was located at the confluence of the Rhone and the Saône). This led to the extension of Linge B from the metro to Saint Denis-Laval Hôpitaux Sud in 2023.

What are the SYTRAL peak hour forecasts for metro lines A, B and D?

In 2023

  • on line B: +40%
  • on line D: +15%
  • on line A: +2%

n 2030

  • on line B: +60%
  • on line D: +25%
  • If line A: +4%

Led trainsets of lines A,B and D have been renovated in order to extend their service life between 1990 and this year according to the lines.

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