Strasbourg: Batorama, the first tourist attraction in its region

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Every year, nearly 800,000 people are seduced by a visit to the Strasbourg Island Ellipse, aboard a Batorama boat.

Existing for 71 years, Batorama is a wholly owned subsidiary of the autonomous port of Strasbourg. Veritablesuccess story in the Alsatian style, it has become one of the must-see attractions of the Alsatian capital. Since its launch, its fleet has grown from 1 to 10 boats, and offers different circuits along the Ill, to discover Petite France, the city center or the European district. The twenty-century history circuit aboard the star Gustave Doré is accessible to people with reduced mobility as you can discover in pictures soon on DolceTV.

On the other hand, we no longer count the number of heads of state, crowned heads, artists who have taken their places in one of these promenade boats. Even John Paul II… We were asked, so that he could do his blessing on board, to build a protective glass cage, much like the papamobile. It served only once and only once» notes Reynald Schaich, deputy director of the company.

And of course the average tourists, they are more and more numerous. (nearly 120 nationalities rub shoulders on the pier) All are seduced by the concept: to be able to admire the richness and the architectural variety of the European capital, from a different angle. The company, which has a turnover of more than 7 million euros, continues its development and could choose to use a hydrogen boat to replace an electric boat, too expensive. To navigate without polluting, 15 to 20 million euros are planned as part of the complete renewal of the fleet, in the next two decades. The decision on the choice of hydrogen will be made in a few months.

Source France 3 Grand Est

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