Thomas Breinert, between French Song and French Rock

For the second time, we went to meet Thomas Breinert, (whom the Dolce team had met for the first time in November 2018) an artist of Norman origin confirmed in our eyes too little known to the general public. This evening in April, he took the time to tell us about his universe a mixture of French song and rock. Interview.

Dolce Gazette: Good evening Thomas Breinert.

Thomas Breinert: Good evening, Dolce.

DG: Nice to see you again this time at the Black Star, a concert hall more accessible than the Boule Noire in Paris.

TB:I hope.

DG: What is your career since 22 November 2018?

TB: In between, I signed with a distributor. My album is distributed on all well-known platforms, in stores…

DG: … recalled: itunes, Deeser, spotyfy.

TB: I had a lot of impact on this album which was released on February 1st.

DG: It’s the «Lupanar chic», for those who would only discover it now.

TB: That’s right.

DG: – … which has been on Dolce Radio for some time.

TB: One of the first radio stations to broadcast Thomas Breinert. Since then I have been broadcast on many small associative and local radio stations.

DG: What feedback does your audience have on social networks?

TB: On the social networks, people who have discovered me or who have been following me for a long time are very happy with this album, because it concretizes the work we did with Romain Dudek and the three musicians who accompany me. So the feedback is very good, it is both a music that is anchored in the French song and that is able to go and get good old rock brut. So it pleases two audiences who meet on this border there: French song and French rock.

DG: For those who don’t know, this Thursday night you were in the first part of Autumn. Can you introduce a little Autumn? 

TB: Automne is an artist that I discovered thanks to this concert, at the Black Star, because the Black Star proposed a co-stage; I did some research to see who this artist is. She is a singular artist because she is a cellist singer who makes French rock with beautiful texts and a warm voice. She’s a nice girl.

DG: Autumn, spring, is it still very strong? (Laughter)  

TB: That’s very nice, bravo for the pun. (Timeless, breathes one of my colleagues present.)

DG: You repeated during your two concerts «Water in the mouth» in Gainsbourg. Don’t you have a certain amount of anxiety that the audience is disturbed by your performance?

TB: Completely. It was true at first, the first time we played it in front of an audience. It must be said that initially this song was put on the internet, and the returns on the internet were very good. So we are necessarily encouraged to go on stage to defend it and then, each time it is good feedback because it is part of my universe. This song, I brought it into my own world.

DG: The song you liked best in November in your album was «Écho». Did your album resonate with you?

TB: What a pun! (Laughter) I have the musicians doing the clowns behind me, it’s not possible. (Laughter) It’s a title I’m proud of because I dedicated it to my dad’s memory.That’s kind of why I became a singer. It was an opportunity to pay tribute to him. It’s an album that allows me to approach the different influences that are specific to me, that is to say both in French song with little winks to the authors that are dear to me and then also to a whole bunch of musical influences like rock, Of course, but also the blues a little Western, a little cool way.

DG: Personally, we recognized the inspiration of Serge Gainsbourg, Georges Brassens and Benjamin Biolay. I have a question: did your «Echo» reach Venus? 

TB: Ah! Venus the goddess of love … In this «Lupanar Chic», Venus is a song that I have been playing for a very long time, since 2015. She’s been on the platforms for a while now and she’s part of the album, of course.

DG: You played recently in Normandy, I believe?

TB: In Normandy, today (April 18, 2019) in Paris, next week in Switzerland – we try to move a little – then, no doubt, again in autumn. We need to open up to the world as well. The Internet is good, but it can be confined. It’s good to open up to reality too. 

DG: What is your musical favorite of the moment?

TB: There’s a Rouannais Rognais band? that I support very much, in which LoÏc and the bass player also plays. It’s called “My silly dog fish”.It’s a melodious folk band that sings in unison. A band to discover. I give them a bit of publicity because they are a band that deserves to be known on the national scene.

DG: What is your 2020 target?

TB: Doing concerts! It may be the only goal, with a clip that is missing a lot with the help of the promotion for this album.

DG: Thank you for answering Dolce’s questions.

TB: See you soon.

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